1 Bedroom Unit In Alexandria, Virginia For $368,880

1200 Braddock Pl #204 is located in Alexandria at Braddock Place. Photo of 1200 Braddock Pl #204 The listing agent represents the seller. Nesbitt Realty is a buyer’s Realtor specializing in buyers who need to pick up in Northern Virginia. Whatever you do, don’t try to go it alone without professional help. Attaining a home in Alexandria, Virginia is not as easy as it looks.

Find A 1 Bedroom Place In Alexandria For $345,000

This 1 bedroom in Canal Place place of residence is listed for $345,000. Ask Nesbitt Realty to look at homes for you before showing them to you. Not every agent will have the time for this extra service, but in some instances, a Nesbitt Realty real estate agent may have already viewed homes this and other homes that meet your needs. Photo of 1111 N Pitt St #3a You might decide that renting is better for you than purchasing, because attaining a home has its drawbacks. Talk to Nesbitt Realty to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of attaining real estate in 22314 in the City of Alexandria.