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2208 Potomac #102, Alexandria VA 22301 Listed For Sale

Find A 3 Bedroom Residence in the Alexandria  Area For $900,000

Trying To Find 2,021 Sqft In 22301 in Alexandria?

2208 Potomac #102, Alexandria VA was recently listed for sale and is advertised for sale for $900,000. So, you may want to contemplate this property (depending upon your pre-approved price limit). But, compare this to the average square feet (1,359) of properties in the City of Alexandria to get a sense of today's market. Continue reading "2208 Potomac #102, Alexandria VA 22301 Listed For Sale"
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2208 Potomac #102, Alexandria Real Estate Advisory

Learn More About in the area near and inside the Beltway 22301 ⁞ $900,000

Monika Ortiz thinks 2208 Potomac #102 is a very interesting townhouse in 22301 in Alexandria. It's probably a good value. However, Monika Ortiz can't recommend that you buy this property right now. That's because, Monika Ortiz's goal isn't to sell you this home. Monika Ortiz's goal is to help you to Find your best choice of townhouse. It's a smart idea to sort out your priorities. What do you absolutely need from your home? What would be nice if you could find it?

Your Nesbitt Realty agent would love to talk through your options. A few of the issues to sort through:

Do you want upgraded features? For instance, do you like stainless steel appliances, granite counters, dual pane windows? Maybe you want a "green" home? Or, do you prefer a handyman special? Do you prefer hardwood floors? Do you prefer carpet or ceramic? Maybe floors aren't a big concern for you. How much can you afford? Does your price range have any room to move up or down? Continue reading "2208 Potomac #102, Alexandria Real Estate Advisory"
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924 Pete Jones, Alexandria Real Estate Announcement

How Much Is A Contemporary-Style Residence In Alexandria, Virginia?

Well ... is 924 Pete Jones the ideal residence for you? It's only possible to answer that question, if you know the answer to these questions. Can you afford $1,000,000? Is it actually worth $1,023,750 or $926,250? Are you seeking a $975,000 3-bedroom 3-baths contemporary-style townhouse in 22314 in the City of Alexandria? Do you need 3 full baths and 1 half baths? How would you like Nesbitt Realty to rebate you $6,030 on this home purchase? When you purchase a residence, the home is yours. That means, you can decorate any way you want and choose the types of upgrades and new amenities that appeal to you and to your lifestyle in the City of Alexandria. Continue reading "924 Pete Jones, Alexandria Real Estate Announcement"
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Seeking A Super Luxury Property In The City Of Alexandria

As a matter of course, you can find a super luxury property in the City of Alexandria in the Northern Virginia area. But there are only a limited number of super luxury homes in Alexandria. Possibly one of them is the best choice of place of residence for you. If it's not 1412 Main Line Blvd #102, then it might be one of the properties listed below. Further, building equity in your townhouse in the Alexandria area is a ready-made savings plan. Continue reading "Seeking A Super Luxury Property In The City Of Alexandria"
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505 E Braddock Rd #706, Alexandria VA 22314 Advertised For Sale

Super Luxury Home $995,000 || Alexandria VA 22314

Acquiring real estate not unlike 505 E Braddock Rd #706 is likely to be the most important purchase an individual will ever make. Further, as a personable real estate agent, Stuart Nesbitt will be a strong adviser who realizes the informational and emotional support that buyer clients need while looking for and acquiring a property like 505 E Braddock Rd #706 in 22314. Indeed, there are always problems in 22314 real estate.  Still, a super pro like Stuart can help you to manage or avoid many of the pitfalls  associated with buying a dwelling in 22314. Continue reading "505 E Braddock Rd #706, Alexandria VA 22314 Advertised For Sale"
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Are You Wondering How Much Your Place At Colecroft Station Will Sell For?

What has recently sold at Colecroft Station?

What's your home at Colecroft Station in 22314 worth? Nesbitt Realty can help you find the market value of your residence in 22314 for free. When the time comes to market your residence in the City of Alexandria at Colecroft Station, it's advisable to compare what homes have sold at Colecroft Station. That can give a home seller a starting point for determining your late 20th-century condo's value. Below, we're going to scrutinize specific homes available and places that have recently sold. Photo of 505 E Braddock Rd #706 Get in touch with Nesbitt Realty to get a free and more accurate assessment of your condo's value. Nesbitt can also prepare a marketing plan to illustrate to you how we plans to get you the best price as quickly as possible. Photo of 505 E Braddock Rd #706

Did you know that in at Colecroft Station:

Continue reading "Are You Wondering How Much Your Place At Colecroft Station Will Sell For?"

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