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Not So Obvious Basics About Buying In Potomac Yard

Photo of 2509 Main Line Blvd If you're considering purchasing a interior row/townhouse at Potomac Yard, you're probably already well aware that Potomac Yard is in the City of Alexandria and Alexandria. Let's compare this subject property at 2509 Main Line Blvd to others in Potomac Yard. Potomac Yard homes have from 4 to 3 bedrooms. 2509 Main Line Blvd has 4 bedrooms.

Also For Sale At Potomac Yard

$1,069,900 at Potomac Yard
$859,999 at Potomac Yard

How old are homes on the market in this zip code?

Recently built (2017 - 2020)1 Active
Newer (2011 - 2016)3 Active
21st Century (2003 - 2010)1 Active
Mid 20th Century (1938 - 1982)8 Active
Early 20th Century (1900 - 1937)1 Active
19th Century (1800 - 1899)1 Active

Where can I find similarly priced real estate in Northern Virginia?

Fairfax6 Active
Arlington4 Active
Alexandria City2 Active
Fairfax City1 Active
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